Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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I asked this question to a great friend of mine Corr White, ATP® and wanted to share her response that I know will give more understanding to us all.
I'm sure you have pondered about this too.
Thanks again, Corr!

My Question: I've noticed at certain times that angels make you work for your requests and other times they just POOF help you out without you having to do much of anything.
Why does this happen?

Corr White, ATP®:Lisa, your question is a common one many of us has pondered about or have become so frustrated over at some point in our lives. I've done this myself in the past, and to this day even though I know better I've questioned certain situations. When I've felt stuck and wanting answers immediately. All I can say to you is what I was guided to understand time and time again .... The reason for many is in connection to what was enclosed in our soul agreement, before we came upon this plane.
The challenges and situations we had agreed to not have the angels intervene. Because these moments are the pivotal points of our evolvement, our highest opportunities to trust in our inner wisdom. It really isn't for the sake of learning our lessons at all. We already know these lessons and the answers to them before our birth.

The outcomes we come to expect as mortals, is not the same as how we truly seen them from a higher perspective. The angels are still guiding us despite the feelings as though we're entirely on our own through any form of lack or suffering.
Sometimes they're giving us signs but we've tunneled our vision and don't notice these signs. Or we have felt within that we don't deserve, you see our emotions ( feelings) and the inner Will of our souls are one in the same. This is where and how manifestations occurs, so many people believe manifestation is a form of energy on the outside of our beings that is drawn to us by our power of Willing something to us. When indeed anything and everything that is created in our lives, is birthed from our core of Will of the soul. Now, back onto the question of why the angels don't answer every deep hearted prayer or answer some of our heaviest questions in need?

Lisa, as hard as it is for you, others and myself to accept why some things go unanswered, to where we have to find our own answers is simply because we often at times rationalize what we believe is best for us, we use the mental evaluation of pro's and con's with every choice and decision presented to us. Surely as anyone would agree the option or circumstance that offers the pro's vise the con's is more appealing. Therefore why wouldn't the angels assist us to an easy transition of accomplishing this, to our self it's for our better good, right?
We needn't have to struggle to get from one step to the next ........ But what are we missing in the picture? .... Perhaps the missing link is the fact that during that time of struggling to achieve something we come to discover another option we hadn't imagine was possible? Because it wasn't available to our awareness before. Our life journey takes us down unanticipated paths, we really do become more than we've allowed our self to be before trusting in our inner guidance. When we were so sure of what we wanted, how it needed to be done. Only half way through the journey we become drawn to something else, an opportunity in the waiting for us to re-discover.

This again has nothing to do with life lessons, because you knew this road far before you came to experience it in the physical. And your angels haven't stood back watching you or any of us struggle, they gave us the strength to carry on, however the faith in knowing where exactly we were going was left in our entrusted hands. The expression as they say "where we begin is entirely different to where we end up finding ourselves to be." How we respond to the events and circumstances in our life right now, sets the course of path and determines the destination towards which we are heading. The angels truly see this as a way we are reconnecting to our own intuitive voice. Well, in my personal opinion and belief, I've come to notice that any form of struggle is our lower ego testing our higher self as to our deepest desires, wants and aspirations in life. But in hindsight the ego can not foresee the future, it can only make assumptions, doubts and unsureties. Nor can it predict the opportunities it more times than not presents us with.

With Love,
Corr White

Copyright © Corr White, ATP® February 2011

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