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A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy: Angelic guidance to enrich and improve your life Book Review

A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy: Angelic guidance to enrich and improve your life by Denise Whichello Brown (Hardcover)
Publisher: 2001 D & S Books Limited
Price:11.99 euros
ISBN: 1-85605-716-X
128 pages

A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy by Denise Whichello Brown is a must have for those wanting to learn more on angel therapy.

Denise has done a beautiful job using color photographs and paintings to visually show the individual step by step instructions of many valuable practices from setting up an angelic altar, meditating, preparing your space for angel communication, contacting your guardian angel, doing chakra balancing on another, assisting one with meeting their guardian angel, making an aurasoma crystal followed by a meditation for a certain archangel, what crystals are best used for each archangel, making your own deck of angels cards and how to do readings, a chart with over twenty angel essential oils and how to work with them, the chakras with their symbol and info on each one including the angel that aligns with it.
These are only a small taste of what this book covers!

The archangels Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Uriel, and Zadkiel are show-cased well in this book each getting their own painting and page with fiats to say to invoke their help, what they can be called for, what qualities they possess, and their color.

There is a section where she brings up angels that can be very useful in day to day life like the repair angels, finding angels, and shopping angels whom have gotten her some pretty sweet deals to save money.

On one such occasion Denise went to the store to buy her daughter a new pair of pants and when she went to purchase them the worker shut down her register because the store was closing. Denise asked her to hold onto the pants and she would come by later to get them. However, a few days went by and as went to pick them up a thought sprung into her head of another store name. There she found the exact pair she was going to buy for much cheaper!
Think about it had the angels not put up that small roadblock for her to wait and placed that idea into her head that very day she would have traveled all the way back to the other store and paid out more money than she needed to!

"These powerful beings of light respond to our calls the moment we ask for their assistance. Remember constantly to invite the archangels, as well as the angels, into your daily lives. God created them all to serve us." from page 20

There is an angel color wheel divided into twelve parts at the end of the book that one can use for guidance with the meanings found on the next page such as light purple support, light blue meditation and light pink manifestation.
I have consulted it several times and received accurate messages that brought me peace.

A true high quality angel book that one must own!
Perfect for angel therapy practitioners, healers, counselors, and whomever desires to spend more time with angels.

I was not paid to endorse this book. My feelings are based on my experiences with reading and using it.

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