Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A White Feather in the Bathroom..

I thought my sense of humor was risque..turns out angels have a naughty side too.

I guess with the moods I've been in back and forth with hormonal issues(no wonder I was having difficulties the last two weeks with depression, anxiety,etc.) the angels thought they would send me a gift and in what place out of all areas..the bathroom!

Yep, they gave me a surprise in the bathroom.

I went inside to use the bathroom and I glance down real quick to see what I thought was a small tiny white feather on the tile floor that was dirt on it or anything.
I couldn't believe my eyes and thought, "yeah, right..that can't be a here?.."
When I went over to pick it up it turned out to actually be a feather.

This just demonstrates the angels match up symbols with our personalities,environment we're in, our perspective and that we will notice them.
Thanks angels!

Ask for a feather today from the angels..

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