Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Everything Guide to Angels (paperback)
by Karen Paolino, CHT, ATP

Publisher: Adams Media
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 9781605501215
304 pages

The Everything Guide to Angels by Karen Paolino, CHT, ATP truly gives one a look into the unseen world of angels and how one can become more in sync with them in one phenomenal book.

It covers how to strengthen and clear the blocks with one's intuition as many of us have fears or are uneasy about developing our gifts through the use of prayers to varying archangels including Haniel and Sariel.

There are sections on how to tell differentiate between when you are receiving angelic guidance vs. ego guidance.
One way which is demonstrated is the ego comes from a place of fear, criticism, and having to be in control. The angels always deliver messages that are supportive, peaceful, and non-competitive with others.

I was very impressed with the wide content and exercises that are given in this book from doing card spreading readings on topics like life purpose, finding love with Archangel Chamuel,meditations to clear your chakras, healing emotional traumas, how to release fears with the angels, manifesting your goals, real life ways of angels intervening in other's lives, angel mail, protecting oneself, receiving more prosperity, angel nudges or calling on the angels to help with fun things like a trip or parking space.

There are endless prayers on clearing your home, getting rid of negativity from within yourself, forgiving someone who have you pain with, prayer for the dying, overcoming self-hatred, protection for your loved ones, and a multitude of others prayers that will give you delight.

The Everything Guide format is wonderful and one I really enjoyed.

There are four key parts to it that emphasize certain tips or points for you to pay attention to that are quick and short.

The symbols are a question mark for answers to common questions the reader might have, check mark for important snippets of information, exclamation point for urgent warnings, and an asterisk for quick handy tips.

On page 75, the excerpt for the Alert Icon is the following high-lighted in a gray box as all these icons messages appear:

"Your ego is smart and sly like a fox. When you start listening to the angels and you follow their guidance, the ego will try to step in and change your mind with thoughts of fear, doubt, and insecurity. When this happens, recognize it and ask the angels for reassurance. Ask them to help you tune into the messages of love versus the messages of fear."

Because we are all students when it comes to the angels this book is a remarkable teacher on your journey!

I was not financially paid to endorse or provide a positive review for this book.

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