Friday, July 29, 2011

Angel Guru Advice Column: Angel Of Glamour

Here is some advice for August; the Angel of Glamour. Now, I know that is not an angel you hear about often but here is its message for everyone:

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"Exciting rituals keep you in a vortex of joy, a key to awareness. If you look at any wise master each of them are always smiling. They radiate much warmth to those around them whether it be the humans or environment they maze in and out of.

It can be quite the elixir to dress up your soul but especially if it's garments that make you feel most built with confidence. I'm not talking fashion or accessories that everyone is rushing after or are the most "expensive" but those that delicately wrap your form in a pleasing way.

You musn't always assume that being alluring means conjuring up a mirage, but accentuating what you know will make the chandelier in the focal point of the room stream through with a variety of charming reflections caused by your authentic palate.

Most go around believing that if they wear a costume mask or attend as another character they can be what it is they seek. What they don't raise a toast to is what is making them want to conceal or go beyond what they believe to be notable? Enchantment is not something attracted with an illusionary fishing is brought in by anchoring your heart's fashionable attire.

Many like to go the Masquerade but they don't really participate. It is a place of fantastical escape one where troubles or problems are diluted into perhaps goblins and your unkind boss is the designated Gossip Queen of the occasion complete with some red chattering toy teeth on her crown. This can be quite a trap that doesn't feel as one, but the more you erase what is there, the more lost you become.
Do not delight in the fright, but invite in the light.

The Light's gaze is upon everyone, but most like to hide in a dark cave where there soot won't be exposed. But, if it does not get seen how can one know that it needs to be healed? Without healing one cannot grow and if one cannot grow than it just stays where it is. It never gets transferred into a larger pot or gives off more blooms.
Soon, its roots become dry, it gets weaker, and stops responding to the natural elements around it.

We must all see how to bake delightful moments with reality for it we don't we miss out on quite the red carpet event. Without that you are stuck in cement that has already dried onto your shoes!"

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