Friday, July 15, 2011

Prayer Board Hotline

So, you are bored of using your angel prayer journal or box to write down your petitions for help..fear not because you can reinvent the way you pray!

Here are the materials you will need: (improvise if necessary)

*Large tack, bulletin or corkscrew board

*colorful thumbtacks with fun shapes

*Sticker letters

*An angel that is cut out of cardstock paper to fit on the entire board

*Decorative materials for your angel like markers, crayons, colored pencils, glitter, googly eyes, yarn or other material for hair, gold or silver pipe cleaners for halo, decorative ribbon to put around border, and cloth for robe,etc.

*Regular Glue/Glue Gun

*Tape or sticky puddy

*Light blue or white construction paper


This board is going to be your hotline where your angel screens your calls for assistance just as a prayer switchboard would...get why it's an actual board..hahahaha?

Using the sticker letters place at the very top, "Angel Prayer Request Line."

Decorate your angel in anyway you want than hot glue it onto the board.(if you plan on making a new angel than just place tape or sticky puddy on the back of it for easy removal.)

Get out your slips of paper and cut them into cloud shapes. Write at the top Your Name's Prayer Form. Then write, "Dear Angels, please give me some help with insert: ex (not having enough money to pay for bills). Let this turnout so I receive the means or ways to pay these bills or whatever you see would work out best. Thanks!"

Tack it up to the angel and let it go.

When a petition is answered you can throw it out and give your angel(s) a high wing and blow them a kiss or two.

Just a heads up prayers are not always answered in a quote on quote direct way. Sometimes you will be given a message or someone helps you out. Other times you may know that what you asked for doesn't matter as badly as you first perceived or you won't feel consumed by thinking of it.

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