Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For Princess Diana..One Royal of an Angel!

Today marks the 14th anniversary of Princess Diana leaving this earth.
She was truly a Royal Angel because of how rich her soul was while she lived here.
Princess Diana had an innocent nature and the many problems she faced were do to her very sensitive heart. She was an empath with food issues and to deal with how she took in the atmospheres she was apart of Diana would overeat to quiet down the pain or not at all as a way to deflect the intense pain she went through.

Princess Diana also endured much suffering in her own life and that is why she was able to have sincere compassion for those who were in dyer pain too.

It's fitting that she was referred to as the English Rose..because she was a rose fully blossomed. Everywhere she traveled she always left behind love.

It mattered not that Diana was a princess..not to her anyways. Diana understood that term did not define where she was allowed to go or dictate who she ought to be. Even though she wasn't viewed as proper she would rather be condemned for that than not being able to help another.

When you call on Diana for assistance you also bring in Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and Mother Theresa whom she closely works with. Each of these figures all hone the qualities of mercy, nurturing, protection, and divine service.

Please do something in her honor either donate to a local charity, volunteer to help a child, or just act kind.

You can also set up a shrine to Princess Diana with a picture you can print out from the computer and frame, and include a Tiara, children toys, a rose, and a candle. Thank her for everything she did in this world and also ask for her prayers and assistance to help the mothers that are suffering, children, and those who have eating and mental afflictions.

Princess Diana you will forever be a candle in the darkness.

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