Sunday, August 14, 2011

Earth Dwelling Messengers: Friends with Benefits

The importance of having comrades here in this world is so valuable.
Without our friends or those we consider family things in our lives would really be almost barren with droughts, hardly any pizazz or scenery to fill our lives.
Angels do provide us with living angels here on this earth to make sure that we're taken care of and can be reached when we often can block out signals we are receiving from angelic forces or the Divine Being of All..aka God.

Having trustworthy friends are a part of the First Aid Kit from the angels that we are made sure to be stocked up with aside from prayers, books, and mentors.

Friends have a soothing quality to them and believe it or not their angels are also renowned friends with your angels. So, your angel might put into your friend's angel suggestion box of how to respond when you're in trouble or what to write them to give a sense of ease to a frightening situation.

Angels are quite chatty with one another when you seem to have earplugs in.
They'll pat you on the back or give you some lovin' but it might be that your friend is the one that shows it to you instead of your celestial buddy but they are stemming from the same Universal Presence.

What you want to be grateful for are the friends that participate in your bonfire of life.

It's no mystery why many think of their friends as saintly or angels because they are.

Think about two incidences where your bonds with a friend(s) saved you in someway.

Then, when you think of that fragment in time imagine thousands of angels and say to yourself, "Angels please surround that event and friend with positive repercussions that will boomerang to this time now. Let them be enamored with blessings as they do for me."

Friends are often the deliverers of good things that are passed down from God, then the angels to you. It's the angel effect.

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