Thursday, August 18, 2011

Those Darling Angels: In Sickness and in Health

The last thing someone desires is to be sick or not feeling well.
I'll be honest when my health is down the tubes I do not want a close-up at all. More like a Beware: Very Moody Ill Person Ahead! Caution at Your Own Risk.
My attitude morphs into that of the Incredible n' mean.

When we deny ourselves rest or continue to exert ourselves when we know we shouldn't our bodies are saying, "Good God..please relax.." we make ourselves even more ill.

The reason I know this is because what I'm dealing with right now. I kept putting my health as not being important saying that I wasn't that sick or because I had no money I couldn't afford to do anything about it.

Here are some things I've observed.

First off, when you are feeling drained guess what the quality of the work you put out, how you act, and what your life becomes deprived. You do not behave as you want to and this is not your fault. Your soul body is trying to get you to regenerate healing and get to a sanctuary of peace.

Secondly, maybe you keep working, working, working, and putting more work load on yourself thinking that you must do this in order to X, Y, Z...this is a time to disconnect from the severity of workaholism and the stress that often domineers the leader board.

Often there are also a long line of earth angels or lightworkers that come down with profound illnesses, cancers, auto-immune disease, tension headaches, fatigue, and the like. The reason for this is because each are innate healers. It's very much like they are suctioning up the toxins from others and at times unwillingly storing it in their spiritual shell causing it to then manifest as ailments of the physical dwelling so that they take sole custody of dealing with others' problems and trying to alter them. This is often a time for them to receive help when normally all they do is give without accepting that offer back.

With healing we need to break down the emotional pollutants and physical components.
And yes sometimes, sometimes your getting sick is much like a course for you to study, take tests on, and place inside the filing cabinet of knowledge. Not only for you but also for the people that are involved with you.
They might need to work on their giving skills or showing more love.

When you're not feeling well you've got to make sure you get in some good old H20, Freely Circulating Oxygen(outside), ask that prayers be sent your way and shut those eyes and brain off.

Maybe you think you just can't, but you have to. If you do not you won't be giving your body the vacation it needs while making yourself just feel worse and worse.
Your condition will continue to progress and cause even more ill feelings.

What has the doc ordered? "Stay in bed, put down your head, get some rest, don't protest, the recovery will be at its best. Let others help your aching soul, They want to freely give help that is their main goal, don't go into freak mode control. Amen."

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