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Angel Author Spolight: Jacky Newcomb

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"You can ask the angels over and over again to help you when you feel the need for support, healing, and protection. Ask, and know that they can hear you." ~Jacky Newcomb, 'An Angel Saved My Life'

My thanks goes out to Jacky Newcomb, the 'Angel Lady', for doing this interview.
I can vouch as could the angels that she has a very kind halo to her.

Lisa: Jacky, I wanted to know what are some of your favorite ways for getting in touch with the angels?

Jacky: Mostly my own angels and guides appear in dreams to me but meditating is also a wonderful way of reaching out to your angels and guides. If you can I would suggest picking up a recording which already has a voice 'journey', giving you instructions for your mind to follow. These nearly always have music in the background already set up. I have created several of my own (which you can buy at my website). If you wear headphones its fairly easy to create a quiet space in your mind and simply follow along. In time you will get better and be able to meditate to meet your guardian angels anywhere…even without the recording.

Lisa: You have many years of research under your celestial belt when it comes to how angels send signs to people.
What have you noticed to be a common theme of how they choose to send these messages?

Jacky: White feathers is probably the main one. White feathers are the calling card of the angels and they leave them whenever you need a sign that they are around you. Your angels will also do things like flicker lights, play music and appear in your dreams and visions.

Lisa: Your 10th book, Angel Secrets, available July 7, 2010 sounds really provoking. What can we expect out of this book?

Jacky: Angel Secrets is loads of fun and is full of ideas of different ways that you can connect with your angels. It's so simple that many of the exercises and activities are even suitable for children. People are going to have a lot of fun with it!

Lisa: Do you have a favorite angel movie and if so why is it your favorite?

Jacky: Not a favourite angel movie as such but a favourite movie. I love GROUNDHOG DAY. Anyone familiar with the movie will know that the lead character is stuck on the same day which keeps replaying over and over again. We watch as the hero makes mistake after mistake until he finally get's it right. Being himself, being kind and loving is the key to moving on. The movie has a wonderful message and one we could all learn from!

Lisa: What music do you enjoy listening to when you relax or want to get in an angel mood?

Jacky: I have stacks of 'angel music' on CD; loads of gentle relaxing music which I play all day long. I particularly love CRYSTAL ANGELS which is by Llewellyn. He asked me to inspire the music for him and I wrote out several 'journeys' which he used to create the music. I particularly love the angel choir sounds and find the whole CD fantastic for meditating (I also sell this on my website).

Lisa: Jacky, what advice do have for people who don't believe angels exist or will actually help them?

Jacky: A belief in angels is a very personal thing. It must be hard to believe when you've never had an experience. I always tell people to keep an open mind and at least ask the angels to help you if you want to give it a try…you never know what might happen. Read books about angels…especially real life angel experiences. It doesn't have to be expensive and many of my own books are available at the library. Before long you may be gripped as I am!

Lisa: Thanks for taking the time out for this interview,Jacky!

Jacky: You are most welcome x

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