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Interview with Angel Reader, Psychic, Author, Healer: Catherine Wishart

"We should pray to the angels, for they are given to us as guardians."~St. Ambrose

Today we have with us Catherine Wishart who is an ATP, Psychic, Angel Reiki Practicioner, Author of Teen Goddess: How to Look,Love & Live Like a Goddess by Llewellyn Publications 2003 just to name a few of her job titles.
Her official website is and she has a new youtube channel CatherineWishartTV which you definitely want to look at!
Thank you Catherine for doing such a wonderful and helpful interview!

Lisa: Catherine, what are angels?

Catherine: Angels are divine messengers between the heavenly, unseen realms and this earthly realm us humans live upon.

Lisa: What can the angels help us with?

Catherine: Everything, in the angel realm there is no difference between helping you manifest a parking space to helping you manifest a beautiful home or relationship.
Plus they are so much fun to work with. But you must be willing to follow your inner guidance and remember you have a divine support system around you that work together. It’s kind of like Google maps. You punch in the destination and they give you step by step directions.

Lisa: What are some ways in which we can ask the angels for their intervention?

Catherine: Honestly, the best way is “angels help” there have been times in the middle of the night when I’ve been crying my eyes out in despair…and the best I could muster up was angels please help. Sometimes it’s more like Angels where the hell are you I need help now. I have so many stories of miraculous events occurring…not just my own but my clients and friends, that I know for sure it works.
You can use more complex methods and yes I outline those in my next book too. The most important thing to remember is its meant to be a day dreamy state not a “I must concentrate really hard to do this” kind of state to tune into your angels. Its as simple as tuning into a radio station. You’re stuck in the radio station of anxiety, tune into the radio angel station of pure love. Close your eyes and ask the angels to switch stations for you.

Lisa: What advice would you give to someone when it seems the angels are not responding to their pleas and nothing appears to be changing?

Catherine: Ask the angels to show you signs that they are with you. We all go through moments of lack of faith, for example one woman I know was having a really rough week this week, we did a session and she asked her angel guide what three things he would show her to let her know he was there.
1. Was a red carnation
2. Was two bags of groceries
3. Was a heart shaped trinket
This came from channeling her angel not what she requested. She just asked for signs…Within 24 hours she got a red carnation, within 2 days she got 2 bags of groceries, we’re still waiting for the third thing…
The funny thing is Lisa this woman doesn’t like carnations but it showed up anyway!

The angels do respond always but sometimes in subtle ways that’s why I always recommend keeping an angel journal or diary…so you can track your progress. Read it after 30 days though, green lights, white feathers, silver coins, 3 of the same numbers in a row on the clock like 3.33pm etc are all ways the angels show you they are with you. Butterflies are another good one. Also there are subtle ways like the taste of a food, your ears ringing, the smell of a perfume…there are so many ways Lisa…you’ll just have to read my next book to find out more!
Plus our soul signs up to learn different lessons on the human plane. Sometimes it gets challenging but when you come through the dark night of the soul you can see how much its helped you grow and the gifts you gained from the experience. How can we know contentment and happiness if we have never known pain and suffering?

Lisa: What would you say to someone who says they don't have the time to connect with angels or request their assistance?

Catherine: I would say “are you sure you really want to work with your angels?” not everyone does, and that’s fine. But if you have 3 seconds to simply say angels help! They will.
If you want to develop a deeper relationship with the angels it’s important to spend time getting to know them just as in any friendship or relationship. 15 minutes a day is a good place to start. It’s fun, not arduous hard work.

Lisa: You are currently working on your second book which is about angels.
What is the name of the book and what can we expect from it?

Catherine: How to talk to your angels in 30 days or less.
Lisa this book is so much fun, so many people ask me how to talk to their angels and more importantly how to have two sided conversations with them, that I finally decided to make an interactive workbook…The way it is set up is day by day so you work on one day each day. It’s straightforward, simple, if you can pick up a phone and hear what someone is saying on the other end you can hear your angels it really is that simple.
Plus I’m including a bonus section of 10 days of archangels…The book teaches you how to talk to your angels, how to see angels, how to talk to other people’s angels, the difference between an angel guide and a guardian angel, we cover a lot of different topics, how to set an angelic restraining order, how to get help from the angels. Did you know that 78% of people believe in Angels?
Angels are powerful lightworkers and divine messengers. They are with us at all times. All you need to do is ask for their help.

Lisa: On your website you offer workshops on Law of Attraction, Angels, and many different readings that everyone can enjoy such as Heart Healing Session, Psychic Development, Romance Reading and so many others.
If someone wanted to set up an appointment and get into contact with you how would they go about doing this?

Catherine: It’s easy, just call me at 1 505 363 8727 to get more info, and decide if you want to schedule, no obligation, I think it’s very important for you to feel comfortable with whoever gives you a reading.
You can also book through my site I do phone readings, in person readings, or if you have skype or gmail I can certainly do those too I’ve been reading since 1988!
Oh and if anyone ever tells you they are 100% accurate it is simply not true…a good psychic is 80% accurate.
And if anyone tells you that you have a black cloud hovering over you and you need to pay them tons of money to get rid of it, RUN, that’s not ethical its extortion.
I love what I do…

Catherine is offering a free sample chapter of her angel book, 'How to Talk to Your Angels in 30 Days or Less' on her website here:

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