Thursday, May 13, 2010

Angel Overview for This Week

Sword and Shield

Do not fear, for the Archangel Michael is here!

The message for the rest of the week is that our security guard Archangel Michael is right there with you. Is something causing you to feel queasy or scared? Fear is not to adhere to make you shed a tear!
Call on Archangel Michael and let all of your fears, worries, and pains be taken over by him.

Let's remember the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. We all know the irony of this is that lions are the Kings of the Jungle Kingdom and represent strength. They are unafraid and have skills as the predator.
The Cowardly Lion is not what we envision as an animal or character that would be scared of anything. You can see him being very nervous and frightened in the beginning of this journey. However, through the course of the movie and the book by L. Frank Baum you see him transform before your eyes as the bodyguard and voice to keep his friends and their travels safe. Even though he was terrified he managed to build up his levels of courage and let those stump out the big bad Fear.

Here is a short Archangel Michael Prayer/Poem I have written for you to use.

~*Simple Prayer to the Archangel Michael*~

Archangel Michael keep me protected,
You are my bodyguard that is infinitely elected.
Undo the fears that take over my body and mind,
Assist me with evaporating every worry or panic you find.

© May 2010

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