Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beachy Keen..Oceanful of Angel Wing Shells

Everyone knows about Snow Angels during Winter, but how bout Sand Angels for Summer?

See if you can collect some angel wing shells or find ones that really speak to you.
You can turn the seashells into necklaces, bracelets, a trinket box, place in a vase with sand or candles or decorate them on a frame.

Make Sand angels just as you would with Snow angels. Then, take a snapshot of it and post the Sand Angel as the background of your computer.

There are angels that are a part of the beach, the water, the shells. All the elementals are present there including water, earth, air, and fire(sun) so it can be enriching to your health. Call on them to join you so you have an ultra relaxing time.

If you can't get to the beach bring it's surroundings to you. Perhaps you will want to take a sea salt or epsom salt bath, buy sand and make a mini garden sandbox, go in your pool or a friend's. You can even light some all natural sea breeze candles, Ocean Incense/aromatherapy spray, and put on a CD of ocean waves sounds. Make sure to invite in the sun too by sitting in your yard and opening up the shades in your home.

Have a Beachy Keen venture!

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