Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sick With a Case of the Dark Angels?

photo by jcontreras

We all go through times when our souls get soot upon them and we can transform into a Dark Angel. It's okay to be this way but once we recognize these characteristics, which I'll be listing below and face them it will expel those behaviors out of your system boosting those white blood cells(no mistake they are white..angel glow much?) you will return back to being an angel with lighter qualities. We also have to not put down our Dark Angel side because this means you are not feeling your best and need to be held with love.

Symptoms of Coming Down With a Case of the Dark Angels

*Being very angry

*Not believing in angels, God, or virtues like faith, hope, love

*Want to give up on everything

* Self destructive tendencies like not going after a desired goal

*Severe jealousy of what others have and you know deserve but have yet to acquire

*Rebellious attitude

*Cursing a lot

*Act mean towards those whom care about you

*Not accepting love

*Refusing any type of assistance or not asking for any

*Creating chaos for others or yourself

Medicine for Dark Angel Syndrome:

Buy yourself Dark Chocolate or make hot chocolate You may also like to scream with all your might in a private place, go boxing or punch a pillow, hike on a natural trail, see a counselor or therapist, use chakra clearing methods either with crystals or guided meditations, take plenty of cap naps, a time out with quiet, use colorful pens to draw and make poetry in a notebook and treat yourself with compassion.

I have yet to read Debbie Ford's, "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" but I hear it's excellent for overcoming the Dark Angel Syndrome.

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