Monday, September 26, 2011

Easy Breezy Guardian Angel Invocation

Guardian angel, by Pietro da Cortona, 1656

Have you been neglecting your guardian angel lately? How about you reconnect with this easy, gentle, quick prayer. To keep your guardian angel with you, you might want to wear a bracelet or necklace with an angel, a guardian angel pin, or angel stone. Talk to your angel as you would a good friend because they are indeed your friends. Think of them like a therapist only they don't charge you for their services...well actually they just want a bit of love from your end, and appreciation. I'm sure you'll be happy to pay them.

To my loving guardian angel I ask for your speedy intervention,
Please help me out of my faithless attention.
Rub your ethereal wings right into my heart,
Let pain I carry drain from its cart.
Bring to me your angel soother,
Make it abrupt destruction so things for me become smoother.

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