Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prayer Care: Angels Will Be There!

Prayers are simply requests for intercession to a source of higher component not made of physical mater like you or are I.
You ask for what you feel you are needing and the angels will deliver in a combination of methods that I will go over.

Prayer Request Sample 1:

You really need money to cover a bill but you have none. You ask the angels to please help you with being able to get the money or pay it.

They may:

Give you an intuitive signal of what needs to be done. Perhaps out of the blue you think to sell some jewelry you have lying around, host a garage sale and publicize it through Craigslist, you get a person pop into your head to borrow money from, or someone gives you advice of what to do without asking.

Prayer Request Sample 2:

You get in a fight with a friend and you confide in the angels how upset you are and want to be friends with this person and get along again.

They may:

Give you the feeling to give that friend space and that it will be alright. Send you an idea to write a card or note to say you are sorry. Perhaps the angels tell you to let it go for now and your friend will get into contact with you.

Prayer Request Sample 3:

You feel uneasy and are scared your home might be broken into or something detrimental will occur to your house.

You request the angels for their intervention to protect and watch over your house, possessions, and keep everything secure regardless.

They may:

Instruct you to change your batteries to your fire alarms and if you don't have them in place to get your landlord to buy them or for you to. You may receive a feeling that you need an electrician to fix what you believe could cause a potential hazard, acquire an alarm system, guard dog(perhaps you'll adopt one that will be your pet) or change to stronger locks. You will be given peace and confirmation that you are being looked over by trustful knowing, or vibrations in your heart.

Prayer Notes:

Many instances angels will come through people they send, an article of clothing with a number on it or word like angels(one time I saw a Los Angeles Angels Logo T-Shirt out of nowhere), a person insisting on helping you even if you try to refuse, meeting a new acquaintance that can you specifically help of what you are searching for. However, angels can also deliver through other ways like making things run better in your daily chores, or give you a break.


Calling All Angels: 57 Ways to Invite an Angel into Your Life by Joyce Keller

The Gentle Way: A Self Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels by Tom T. Moore

Divine Guidance: How to Have a Dialogue with God and Your Guardian Angels by Doreen Virtue

AngelsTeach Free Discover Your Angels E-Course

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