Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Angelic Awakenings Log File...journaling angels.

You are going to be keeping Angel Tabs like a scoreboard in the back of a journal that will be called, "Angelic Awakenings Log File."

What you need a is writing utensil, angel postcards, favorite inspiring quotes, and keeping a log file of what angelic awakenings are happening to you.

The angels do give surprises in moments you least anticipate them or are highly doubtful of anything good ever happening in your life again.

Number 1. To make this effective you will want to invoke the angels by writing a prayer each day or an inspirational quote. Put the date at the top. For instance if you are having a rough day you can write down an Archangel Michael Decree or if you are having issues with abundance a prayer to Archangel Barachiel. You can also write down a specific angel number as written in Doreen Virtue's book Angel Numbers 101 to attract a certain outcome. So if you are needing more angels write down the number 444 at the top which means, "Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear—all is well."

Number 2. Draw an angel and in the center make a heart. Fill it in with a word or a few words of what you qualities you want the angels to present you with for that day or week(depends if you are going to write in it everyday or weekly). Give them a chance to deliver what you are asking at a later date or see how it slowly comes into your life. Don't make haste, but wait for them to do their thing in all that celestial glory.
You can write down "More Love in My Life" or "Peace Of Mind."

Number 3. Now what you will do is ask the angels for a symbol of what they want you to know about your day. You can do this by easily saying this prayer four times: "Heavenly Hosts, give me a symbol to let me know, what this day/and or night will bring, what you will show. Amen." Maybe you will draw down a shape, an animal, or a thing. Whatever it is see how it might apply to your day or night. Then review it later on. Your intuition will be your guide as to what it means. You can certainly apply for the angels discernment in what they are trying to let you know. Another request to say four times is, "Heavenly Hosts, I'm not sure what the symbol you sent me is trying to say, please help me to decipher it's message before I go down to lay. Amen."

Number 4. The angel post cards will be to deliver in mysterious spots anonymously while you are out running errands, leaving in a neighbor's mailbox, or putting down on your place of worship with a message from your favorite scripture, or thought that brings you a smile. You can also pour out whatever words you feel inspired to script such as, "Fear Not blessed one. The angels love you and are taking care of all your worries. Have Faith." This is way to pave a road to attract more angels your way because you are aligning yourself with their divine behavior.

Number 5. At the end of the day notice if angels visited you..maybe you felt more alive with energy or not as concerned with what to do. Did you gain aid that you thought was improbable? Maybe you were wealthy that day by receiving a thoughtful compliment. Log it down.

Number 6. Overtime you can add more to your Angelic Awakenings Log File by cutting out pictures that are angel implied or pictures of things you want the angels to pay attention to of what you desire.

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