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Calling All Angels Book Review

Calling All Angels!: 57 Ways to Invite an Angel into Your Life (paperback) by Joyce Keller

Publisher: Adams Media Publishing
Price: $9.95
260 pages
ISBN: 9781580624299
Black and White Pictures of Angels

Calling All Angels!: 57 Ways to Invite an Angel into Your Life by Joyce Keller is a rare find in the angel book world. Joyce Keller is an astrologer, radio show host, TV Personality, psychic, and best selling author that has written for the National Enquirer, Lifetime, has appeared numerous times on such shows like Entertainment Tonight, and personally endorsed by Regis Philbin.

Her angel book discusses the STAR method of praying which was passed down to her by Father Boucher the head priest at St. Anne's Shrine Isle La Motte. STAR stands for:

S upplication
T hankfulness
A doration
R epentance

To read the full extent of which of these stands for you'll have to pick up the book.

She asked God many times to be able to see one of her highest angels and was granted her prayer. The picture she received from her angel is even in the book.

Joyce talks about her own angel miraculous angel encounters including a healing at St. Anne's Shrine where an angel whispered to her what to do, how she was woken up to prevent a fire from befalling her childhood home, and when she needed her scissors sharpened after they wore out from a rug she was trimming for her new house the surprising way an angel showed to answer her small but needed request.

What I enjoyed about this book are the many in she uses to give one an idea of what kind of atmosphere angels are attracted to and how to get your prayers answered or an angel's attention(one of them includes ringing a bell) and the power in repeating mantras. She explains the importance of thanks and how to reach angels by setting up a holy space in one's room and also why bad things go on in the world.

There are 57 prayers which cover such topics as finding employment, prosperity, success, weight loss, marriage proposal, overcome depression, to locate missing people, animals, or objects, restore faith in God, overcoming fear, improving relations with children, clearing and exorcism for one's house, protection, hearing angels, seeing angels and additional topics that we deal with on earth that aren't always so heavenly.

Each prayer is a short, rhyming mantra to a target group of angels that you will say and than write on a 3 by 5 index card.

Here is an excerpt below from page 49:

For Travel Protection

Dear Angels of Travel,
Planes, cars, trains, ships,
Give me complete protection
For both long and short trips.

PRAYER Before getting on a plane, train, ship, or car ask the angels of travel to surround the conveyance with their full angelic protection, and to bathe it completely in God's white light.

MANTRA Use this mantra before taking any trips.

MEDITATION Before or during the travel experience, clearly envision yourself arriving safely at your destination. Actually see yourself walking off the plane or leaving the ship.

ATTITUDE Your attitude should be one of gratitude for a safe, enjoyable trip.

ATMOSPHERE Use jasmine and peppermint aromatherapy body oils.

SUBSTANCES If you are afraid to travel, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy will usually remove all fear.

CRYSTALS & GEMS A sugilite crystal helps to bring serenity when traveling because of it's great protective qualities. Religious medals are also helpful.

Copyright © 1998, 2000 Joyce Keller

You will want to take this book with you wherever you go.

I was not financially rewarded to provide this review. All thoughts are my own.

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