Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How To Make An Angel Wish Fulfillment Tree

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This is a magical, fun way to make angel wishes. You can use a small fake tree for this project and either homemade angel ornaments or ones you find at the Dollar Store, Goodwill,etc. You will take down your wants to the angel and hang them up on the tree.


*Faux pine tree
or other faux tree

*Star or Angel Topper

*White mini Christmas tree lights
if it's not already pre-lit

*Pretty scarf for tree skirt

*Clear globe ornaments

*Angelic confetti, tinsel colors of
variety of color like silver, green, red,
angel trinkets

*Ribbon to string through ornaments
and hang or hooks

*Angel figurines/statues to decorate
base of tree with

When filling up each clear ornament you'll want to use the tinsel that relates to your intended purpose. There is pink if you want some more lovin' of any kind, red for passion. You can add gold and green tinsel together if you need some extra cash.

If you prefer not to do this yourself than get ornaments that represent closely a theme of what you want or get angel ones that you'll say your wishes directly to.

Here is what you will state:

"Dearest Angels, Archangels, and Divine Spirit,

Help make this wish come true. (Name it in detail present tense)
Let it turn out amazing too!
Guide me what actions need to be taken,
Make it very loud so I'm not mistaken!

So it is.

Once you are done with each one of your wishes and hanging up your ornaments you are going to have your very own Tree Lighting Ceremony like they do at Rockefeller Center in NYC.

Say this prayer first and than switch the lights on.

"I call upon the angels, archangels, and Divine Spirit to bless this Angel Wish Fulfillment Tree. Let each wish grow delightfully. Help me to release all fear and to know that you are near. Cradle my every hopeful wish, Serve it on a platter that is blissfully delish."

Turn on the switch and admire your tree. Each time you put the lights you can recite this prayer and imagine all the good things you will bring about for the coming year.

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