Thursday, October 13, 2011

I dialed the is the message they left.

Open Your Arms to Receive

   The universe is constantly giving to you in ways both small and large. When someone offers to assist you, buys you lunch, or hands you a gift, open your arms to receive. The more that you say yes to blessings, the more the universal energy freely flows to and through you. When you push away proffered help, you close the door to this abundance.
Today, open your arms to welcome any gifts that come your way, and say yes to the universal flow. Allow yourself to be helped, loved, and pampered ... let yourself receive.

Thought for Today

I accept all the blessings that life offers me. It is safe for me to receive, and I open my arms fully to welcome the universe's gifts of love.

Copyright © 2006 by Doreen Virtue taken from Daily Guidance from Your Angels 4 Color Gift Edition by Doreen Virtue

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