Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Tale of Skulls & Angels: What to bury, what to birth.

Tomorrow is All Hallow's Eve or Halloween as it's called followed by All Saints Day.
Traditionally this day is associated with the dawn of a new year arising on November 1st and it also being the time where you can more easily reach out to the astral world that is filled by angels, guides, saints, ancestors, and those whom have crossed over.

The important thing is to utilize this energy while it's here and make it work to your prayer point vantage. By that I am going to give a fun, yet powerful exercise you can do tomorrow night.

We all have tales in life. Some are haunting, others wacky, or they can be quite moving.

The important thing is to bury those bag of bones (what has diminished you) where they a coffin to lay to rest. Than let the angels help minister the birth of a new life for you.

What you will require:

Black Cardstock
White Cardstock
Hole Puncher
Favorite Candy/and or sweets

Firstly, trace freehand with your pencil skulls and bones from the white cardstock and than angels. Make sure they are big enough for you to write a few key phrases, symbols, and words on. Than you will want to cut it out. Preferably, you will want about 10-15 each. You can use more than that if you want. Than put aside.

Now, on black cardstock paper trace the shape of a coffin to go with your skulls and bones. You will need two to make one coffin since you are going to put it together, staple it on both sides, and leave the top at the opening untouched to insert the skulls and bones into. Make sure it's large enough to fit all of your skulls and bones.

On your skulls and bones write down what needs to exit out of your life. For example you can make a smiley face with the mouth upside down and put unhappiness.
It's your choice of how it looks or what it will read.

Once you finish put every last skull and bone into the coffin and say with power,

"This is what I lay to rest, you are dead do not protest. Go away, you are not welcome here. Never again come near. Not another peep or fear. Angels, I greet thee to take these decayed skulls and bones away, please let them not get in the way. Amen."

Then, it is time for you to take those angels and inscribe what you want to welcome into your life with grateful arms.

So, if it's more love you can write, "More healthy, beautiful, respectful love from family, friends, and romantic partner."

You can also just write Blessings and put a rainbow underneath it. Whatever feels and looks right for you.

After you are done with your angels poke a hole at the very top of their head with a hole puncher, tie and than do it with each one so they are all on the same line of ribbon because you are going to be hanging them up.

As you tack them up in a space that you can( note: if you don't have a place you can hang these angels than instead put them in a globe shaped envelope made from cardstock to resemble the earth. Use light-blue and than color in with brown and green to resemble land. Staple around the edges and leave slit wide enough at the top so your angels can slip through as simple of growth with the angels being the seeds.) state,

"Angels, here is what I want to grow, let it birth so beautiful fast or slow. Whatever way you see fit, let it come to me in a blessed sift. Make them each arise, like the splendid sunrise. Watch over each with special protection, Deliver to me with love and affection. Show me what I need to see, let me know each step so I have the key. So it is! Amen."

Then you want to take the sweets of your choosing and let yourself indulge in them. Make a hot beverage of your liking to pair it with whether it be cider, hot chocolate, coffee, tea or any other drink you prefer.

You will want to recite, "Like these treats, I want to experience the sweet side of human living; let me have peace with all that is given. Heaven you are filled with such sweetness, let me be filled with strength, not weakness. Amen."

You can certainly always make up your own words or way of doing this exercise as this is just a format you can alter to your preferences.


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