Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Angels Within Everyone

Did you know that every person has an angel within them? Some people's angels are trapped in a cage of fears and ego behaviors that are learned or past down from generation to generation while others have clipped wings because they are scared of flying with their true forms.

It is important to let your angels come out and explore this territory of earth and give angel blessings to the plant forms, animals, and people that are the most lost. You can do this by engaging in practices that minister goodwill not only for yourself but humankind.

You might want to give a hug to a loved one or go to a park or other natural environment and clear the area of debris(making sure to recycle).
Other ways in which to do achieve this task is to sign petitions for human right causes, write your government with issues that concern you or the planet, donating to charities like the Red Cross or Salvation Army, and trying your best to keep light around your persona to make other's turn on too.

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