Thursday, June 30, 2011

Declaration of Transcendence

The meaning of the word declaration taking from Merriam Webster dictionary is to announce something through a statement. What if you invented your own Declaration of Angel Rights or Declaration of Transcendence.

At the very top of your sturdy card stock or paper write Declaration of Angel Rights or Declaration of Transcendence. Whichever one you like the sound of better.

You will want to start if off with something like this:

"Under this loving Universe I am a child of all that is Divine and because I am Divine I will remember to treat myself with adoration.

I thee declare as God and the angelic host are my witnesses that I am Divine, filled with love, and am truly blessed by the heavens above."

Now you want to write an intention of guidelines or laws that you want to abide your life by and also want to express what freedoms you want. You can write as many as you wish.

Decorate with anything that represents being free and a celebration..make sure to include plenty of stars.

1. Every day angel blessings shall take place in my life. They will be filled with love, reassurance, and bring joy.

2. Prosperous opportunities come to me in exciting ways. I am able to express my talents and abilities with love and integrity.

3. The angels make themselves known to me in distinct, clear, and supportive avenues. They send me plenty of angels on earth and in spirit form to provide me with the essentials of what I need including jobs, money, protection, faith, hope, and love.

4. I ask for the freedom to express myself more fully and stop being afraid to share my vulnerabilities with others.

5. I ask for the freedom to allow myself more time to follow through on my goals.

6. I ask for the freedom to go forth with my intuition and stop putting it off out of doubt and fearful rhetoric.

7. I shall treat myself with respect.

After you know you are finished you might want to frame and hang it up or place on your altar. Read it once in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. Take pride in your words.

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