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My Guardian Angel: True Stories of Angelic Encounters from the Readers of Woman's World Magazine Book Review

My Guardian Angel
True Stories of Angelic Encounters from the Readers of Woman's World Magazine

by Doreen Virtue

Publisher: Hay House December 2007
Price: $10.95
ISBN: December 2007
170 pages

Every week the popular magazine Woman's World publishes the My Guardian Angel Column edited by Amy Oscar with commentary from Doreen Virtue. It is one of the main reasons I get the magazine just to see what the angel story is featured for that issue.

In My Guardian Angel: True Stories of Angelic Encounters from the Readers of Woman's World Magazine we get to read the top angel stories collected from past issues of Woman's World all in one book!

I enjoyed this book so much that I am going to read it again and again.

There is an introduction by Amy Oscar that explains how originally the My Guardian Angel Column was actually canceled and no longer would be inside Woman's World magazine. But, she had received so many letters of true angel stories that she couldn't just put them away. It turned out the angels had a divine plan in store.

What I enjoy about this book is that Doreen gives small doses of angel wisdom of easy ways to reach your angels.

It doesn't matter how you ask for the angels' help. What matters is that you do so.
page 27

Birds and butterflies, especially those that behave in unexpected ways or appear in an unusual location, are often signs from
page 53

Notice license plates and bumper stickers, because they often convey personal messages from Heaven. page 128

If you get an intuitive feeling to help someone, Heaven is probably enlisting you as an earthly angel at the moment. page 159

There are stories of entertaining angels without realizing they were until they vanished. Doreen even includes 3 clues if you've encountered an angel that briefly comes in human form and disappears.

We also get readers stories of those who crossed over including both animals and relatives who gave signs (including comical) ones to let them know they were from them, protection when traveling by plane and on land, finding missing items, and getting prayers directly answered from the angels.

My favorite story was the one called " The Rainbow Bear" from the Answered Prayers section shared by Patti Patrignelli from Monroe, NY. Her husband and her would take their kids every year to the amusement park for vacation. There was an area where they have games where you could win prizes. Her three children really wanted this jumbo rainbow bear they saw. Her husband spent $20 trying to win the bear for them but unfortunately wasn't able to. Patti has always told her children to ask the angels for guidance and later that evening her son had inquired to his mom if the angels could help them get the bear and she told him yes. All three of her kids prayed for the outcome to get the bear, but this time her husband spent $40 and still no bear. Her kids were obviously disappointed by this but she tried to reassure them that the angels must have something else in store. Turns out they did. When they all went back to the parking lot to get in their car they saw a male teenager holding the exact jumbo rainbow bear in his hands. Patti questioned how he won it and he told her that he was very lucky. Then he asked the kids if they wanted the bear and of course they all shouted with a joyful "Yes!" That wasn't all..three $20 bills rolled up right to them the amount the father had spent to try to win his children their prize.

This book is full of loving angel stories and antidotes that is a touching read!

I was not compensated in anyway to provide this review.

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