Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Atten-Hut! Got An Angel Sergeant in your Life?

An angel sergeant is someone the angels lovingly channel their strong wisdom through when you are not listening to the angels or are in danger of putting yourself in a situation that would not be of benefit to you.

It may happen when you are unsure of what to do with a career path and someone out of the blue will say, "You know I always thought you would be a great writer.." without you bringing up the conversation or the person being unaware that you secretly do this or want to.

This may also come through another way when you have a near miss of an accident or avoid becoming friends with someone that comes off as trusting but truly has other intentions.

However, the most dramatic kind is when someone yells at you not through anger but through seeing you have much more potential than you are recognizing. Someone might get stern with a forewarning or encourage you with supporting words to get you back on the bicycle even if you have falling off.

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