Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Is A Love Loan?

The angels gave me the idea of a love loan. You've heard about banks giving financial loans to those who need them. A love loan is similar only you never have to pay them back.

A love loan is about doing something for another purely out of a loving kind act. It promotes good karma and pays it forward because the next person will be more inclined to act that way with another through your love loan.
As The Beatles put it, "All You Need is Love" and they were right.
When love is brought to a situation of hatred or discrimination love will triumph.

A love loan only has a few conditions:

It must come from a place of selflessness and not wanting to get recognition or fame for it. You also at times will not get thanks or praise for it. You might do this in secrecy or to someone that will not even appreciate it.

A love loan is done from a place of pure, unconditional love. You are not thinking what if nothing is giving back to me. It's not about money or are doing this because that is what love does. You will feel love and so will the person(s) involved.

You can give a love loan by simply smiling to another, giving assistance to a friend that needs help with moving, buying lunch for a co-worker, giving a surprise card in the mail to someone who means something to you.

Love loans are infinite as are you.

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