Sunday, June 26, 2011

Feather Fireworks for Summer...A Note of Promise.

Say goodnight to all of your troubles,
Angels are there for you,
Giving you hope when you want to be through..
Yes, Angels are there for you..
Making the sun rise again to make the day start anew.
In many different forms they'll find a way to your heart.
They promise that nothing can break you a part.
Allow yourself to have fun,
Get that Vitamin D in the sun
Let your soul laugh with everyone.
Just remember to have splendor,
Even when things in life collide like a car bender,
Make yourself a refreshing smoothie in the blender.
Summer is time to let things grow,
All the angels want you to know,
Is that magic exists just gaze at a fireworks show!
Hydrate yourself with lovin' H20,
These mean your friends that quench your heart not like a foe.
Celebrate every chance you get,
When you're human you often times forget.

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