Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Angels...

Copyright of Vintage Angel Art © The Spiritual Woman Ltd

Why are there angels to begin with?

Now, let's get this straightened out. Many people have issues with imploring angels for help. If there is an all knowing, loving, higher power known as God(or your word) why the heck would you need angels? Why not just talk to God then and forget about angelic beings.

Here's the thing if God didn't want us to have angels than there wouldn't be any. Why are there's a way of God expressing love forth to us. Angels are our presents of love from God. Basically it's God way of saying "Hey kid, I know the world can get tough, but I do love you so are angels to let you know what I mean and give you a dose of what my love can do. Play with them and they'll join in."

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