Monday, June 20, 2011

As An Angel Thinketh...Journalling the Soul Series Part 2

My first post on the Journalling the Soul Series can be found here.

For the next quote in our series it is:

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"A candle-light is a protest at midnight. It is a non-conformist. It says to the darkness, 'I beg to differ.'" ~Samuel Rayan, India

1. What does the symbol of the candle represent to you and why?

2. There are many moments in life when we feel we are in absolute darkness. Reminiscence back to moments when you overcame those obstacles of gloom and they turned into triumphs of a new rising day. What did you hold onto in those times? What permitted you the strength to continue forward?

3. Do you notice that were there is baron land a regeneration of life can be born there? We have many events in history(both our lives and in the global spectrum) where things didn't appear they would recover or make it through but they did. It is not easy, but one must uphold the ropes of faith to pull along and realize things can start again. What do you believe right now cannot be salvaged and is in ruins. Is that really the truth and if you think so are there any items from the debris you can use to rebuild with? If not, than list what materials you do need and what you would build with them.

4. Have you been a light to others and have others held that light for you when you couldn't find your way? It's of value to realize that every person can create hope when there seems to be none left. List times where you felt inspired by the masses; maybe the protests that took place in Iran, people holding prayer vigils for lives that were lost or those missing, or volunteers aiding in disaster zones.
Where do you think their spark of light stems from and how does it make you feel when people band together when a crisis arises?

5. Light an actual candle this week or use a battery operated one when the sun has gone down. Make sure to have time by yourself in a room or designated area that is pitch black. This is your prayerful observation time. Keep in your mind how the candle flame illuminates what you wouldn't be able to see without its presence. You may want to have a flashlight on hand so that you can have a before and after visual of your room with the candle on and when you extinguish it out.

6. Later on this week come up with a list of shadows you think are covering everything in blindness. Now list your allies in the candle flame that you believe are there to show you the way out. Can you strike a match or deal with them in another format than you are currently?

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